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Executive Fractional Consultants with a Comprehensive Approach to Revenue Strategy

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We help founders by providing guidance to solve some of their most challenging revenue changes and accelerate growth

How We Engage:

Strategy & Mentorship

Not every talented team member comes with experience in a start-up or scale-up. Sometimes we need extra eyes and hands that can bridge an experience gap and guide emerging talent to new levels of performance. We help select and train new talent, or mentor and coach. Even founders and proven executives need mentors and strategic advisors to bring external perspectives, best practices and strategic guidance to move quickly and reach your aggressive revenue targets in the business.

Fractional Executive

Best-in-class sales, marketing, customer success, channel, or partnership leaders on a fractional or interim basis seamlessly lead the team, whether it’s a new business or launch or an organization in transition.
Take your time to make a hiring decision and find the right fit long-term at the right level for your organization by bringing in a trusted and veteran leader in the team to build the foundation. We can fill a gap while you find that new leader across all levels in the revenue organization.

Projects & Deliverables

Sometimes there is that big daunting project that you never have time for, like changing vendors or building a new framework; that’s where we excel. We can come in for a short or longer-term engagement and help your organization to build a playbook, change vendors, and build new processes. We roll up our sleeves to deliver. We provide customized projects to fit the size and scale your business needs and we don't shy away from the hard work and effort it takes to make meaningful progress.

Why GrowthJen Is Different

GrowthJen has proven experts who have held executive roles that span across the revenue organization. Instead of many disparate consultants plugging in all across the company, all with differing perspectives, GrowthJen practice leaders collaborate together to accelerate your go-to-market and help you scale faster.

GrowthJen is built by builders. We grew up and have worked in start-ups and scale-ups and know it's necessary to be able to strategize with your team at 30,000 feet and then jump in and help build it too. We don’t shy away from hard work in the trenches because we know this is the work that moves businesses forward. You know we will bring strategies and challenge perspectives, but it takes a particular type of executive consultant who doesn’t walk away when it comes to change and practical implementation.

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Building the optimal revenue lifecycle across Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Partnerships
There are plenty of consultants who add value in one aspect of the revenue lifecycle. GrowthJen works with companies to develop strategic building blocks for everyone in the revenue organization to use as a central touchstones of action.
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