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Build Foundation For Partners

Implement Repeatable Processes Designed For Scale
Founders and revenue leaders are looking for a strategic partner to bring to the table to help develop structure and predictability for their sales or BDR process. Sometimes these founders or revenue leaders know they might need a partner who’s a proven sales expert who can bring experience to the table around predictable forecasts, strategic Go-To-Market (GTM) motions, talent attraction strategies, and scalable sales processes.

We know that scaling companies need hands-on experts who know how to scale companies. These revenue leaders know what levers to pull in order to create a high-performing sales culture that delivers results. We know that each client’s sales needs are different, so our team of executive experts will work with you to craft a strategy that best fits your needs.

Our clients see results like 3-5X gain in unweighted pipeline coverage in only 90 days.
Partner created Pipeline

Partner Lead Pipeline

Partner-qualified leads close quicker and at a higher rate
An engaged partner is motivated to grow your mutual client base. These types of partners understand the advantages of your combined offering and share the benefits of a prolonged customer lifecycle. The leads generated by your partner share these same qualities resulting in shorter close cycles and close at a higher rate.

Building this valuable relationship takes dedication; many businesses need proof of ROI before hiring a dedicated resource. This responsibility often falls on the founders or is a distraction from a sales team member’s day-to-day role. That’s where we can help. A partner executive can guide the strategy as well as the implementation of the program. They’ll experience quick wins because of their expertise in scaling and launching similar programs. Additionally, this allows the internal team to focus on their current day-to-day roles without the distraction of adding one more thing to their plate. This fractional partner team member provides efficiency and speed to revenue, something that a bogged-down internal AE, sales leader, or even the founder might not experience.
own and scale the partner and referral network

Own & Scale Referral Network

Strategize Referral Partners and Tech Partners
Brokering strategic partners is time-consuming. Founders may be compelled to handle this role themselves, but the time commitment to land these partners can be overwhelming. Working with a proven professional who’s built these types of networks allows for prioritization and building of these relationships more efficiently. These experts know a pipeline should have a mix of partner types to continue delivering predictable revenue.

A partner network often includes a mix of both referral partners and technology partners. Revenue from a referral partner is much more straightforward to understand the impact it has on your business. Technology partners may grow your business through indirect revenue by strengthening the defenses of your company or creating a more compelling offering. The process for engaging both of these partner types can be lengthy and take resources away from your product roadmap, so bringing someone in from the outside who can focus solely on creating these types of partner relationships and processes frees the internal team from distractions. Creating a process that allows potential partners to take on some of that burden can be critical to healthy partnerships.
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Building the optimal revenue lifecycle across Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Partnership
There are plenty of consultants who add value in one aspect of the revenue lifecycle. GrowthJen works with companies to develop strategic building blocks for everyone in the revenue organization to use as a central touchstones of action.
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