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Revenue Lifecycle and GTM Consultancy Launches To Accelerate Growth For Startups and Scaleups
GrowthJen, a revenue lifecycle consulting firm, announced its official launch today with the goal of providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to GTM strategy with a team of experienced fractional consultants who help turn strategy into tangible impact for scaling companies. 
Transitioning from Founder-Led Sales, Part 1: Scaling Beyond Founder-Led Sales
Just like Michael Jordan, founders are the elite performers, the leaders of their teams, and almost always the most captivating employee on the floor. For a founder, selling their product or service comes easy. Learn how to move from a founder-led sales model with these tips.
Transitioning from Founder-Led Sales, Part 2 Founder Funnel Management
After transitioning your founder-led sales model, now it’s time to look at how to build your sales funnel into a well-oiled machine while making sure that you, as the founder, don’t become the bottleneck.
Building the optimal revenue lifecycle across Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Partnership
There are plenty of consultants who add value in one aspect of the revenue lifecycle. GrowthJen works with companies to develop strategic building blocks for everyone in the revenue organization to use as a central touchstones of action.
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