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Revenue Expansion

Revenue Expansion

Delivering Value Leads To Revenue Expansion
When your Customer Success team is aligned with your business’ go-to-market motion and focuses on delivering value post-sale, it enables revenue expansion opportunities through cross-sell and upsell. This is only possible when the team is dedicated to ensuring customers receive the expected value and desired outcomes from the purchased product or service.

Customer Success plays a critical role on the revenue team of owning and delivering value and outcomes for customers and maximizing the time to deliver the value. When done right, Customer Success drives customer satisfaction and retention, which catalyzes customer expansion opportunities. Happy and supported customers want to buy more, but only when the outcomes are achieved and value is delivered are customers open to additional conversations. These expansion opportunities increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), NRR, and customer profitability
Foundational Process

Foundational Processes

Repeatable Scalable Processes and Customer Journey Matter
Early-stage companies that are just building their Customer Success function often don’t have repeatable or scalable processes. They also might not have defined or have a focus on the holistic picture of the customer journey and the customer experience that unfolds within the journey or factor in the nuances of both within different customer segments. Growing and scaling companies are often still trying to master the sales to onboarding to customer success handoff. We help companies define or redefine the operational process flow across the entire revenue cycle. From closed-won new deals to new customer onboarding and implementation through customer retention, expansion, renewal, and/or offboarding. All of these steps have check-in points and milestones tied to them, and sometimes it's hard to know how to build this in a repeatable, scalable way. Creating a foundation of the repeatable and scalable process increases NPS, ensures customer success team health, and helps maximize customer profitability.
Grow the Team

Team Building & Leadership

Success is About Building the Right Team
Customer Success is a people-driven function, and building the right team is the foundation for its ability to deliver value to the customer and ensure strong and sustainable team health. In building the right team, it's necessary first to define the needed roles and then ensure those roles are filled with people that fit both the role itself and who fit the stage the company is in. The team also must be empowered, their performance, multi-dimensionally measured, and they need to be incentivized in a manner aligned to what Customer Success means to the customer and to the company. Additionally, the team must be cross-functionally collaborative with sales, product, and marketing, and the individuals on the team must be able to see and pursue career paths within the function as the company grows.    
Customer Success is Both Art and Science
Some Customer Success leaders only deliver the essence of the team - how you talk to customers and build a customer success mindset; and some just deliver the processes, performance management, and the measuring of values and outcomes.

True success and impact for your Customer Success function and company comes when you have a leader who can deliver on both as the best Customer Success functions combine the art with the science.
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