Who We Are

Meet the team of fractional revenue consultants excited to team up with you to accelerate the growth of your business.

Meet our talented and humble team
who lead our practice areas:

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Jenny Vance
Practice Founder
Sales & BDR
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Rachel Johnson
Practice Founder, Marketing & Demand Gen
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Dan Moyers
Practice Founder, Customer Success
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Kylie Beaty
Practice Founder,
Channel & Partnerships

Our Core Values

  • Start By Helping:
    When in doubt, we will default to helping. That means we help each other. That means we go out of our way to help our clients.
  • Willingness to roll up sleeves
    We won’t just sit around and theorize. We focus on ideation and strategy that will result in action. We know our customers have a million things on their plate. They don’t need someone that lumps on more without owning deliverables. We will own the process, the strategy, and follow through.  
  • Address challenging topics head on
    Everyone in the revenue org is better when we put the hard topics on the table and talk about them. We won’t shy away from feedback, the tough blockers, or the conflicts with peers, teammates, or customers. We know scaling a company is hard, and these hard conversations are often the ones people grow from the most—both our team and our clients. 

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