Jenny Headshot

Jenny Vance

CEO & Founder
Practice Founder, Sales & BDR

Fractional Leadership Roles: 
CRO, EVP/SVP Sales, VP/Director Business Development,
VP/Director Sales Development, VP Revenue Strategy,
Sales Director, VP/Director Sales Enablement

Meet Jenny:

Jenny brings over 20 years of experience in revenue leadership for technology companies. Her first entrepreneurial endeavor helped her develop a unique experience helping over 350 companies build strong-performing TOFU initiatives that drive BDR/SDR performance and pipeline creation. Now as Founder/CEO of SalesJen, her mission is to partner with high-growth companies to craft sales enablement strategies that strike this balance of art and science at scale. With her help, new salespeople hit aggressive ramp milestones, deliver consistently in win rate and readily adjust to new GTM signals and strategies. BDR teams see unprecedented quota performance while delivering boardroom-ready insights about key segments, cadence duration, messaging indicators, and more. Sales teams have confidence in their solution knowledge, competitive landscape, and ideal customer personas. Sales Leaders have a partner to build predictable forecasts, strategic GTM motions, and scalable sales processes. Jenny is energized by anything competitive and currently exercises that drive in golf, ballroom dance, and pickleball. She adores her three dogs, who have developed quite the TikTok following. Don’t ask her about it unless you really want to be inundated with cute doggie videos!

Jenny's Areas of Expertise:

* Cross-Functional Revenue Strategy
* Sales Leadership
* Sales Org Design and Talent Selection
* Sales Onboarding and Fast Ramp
* Sales Enablement
* BDR/SDR (aka Business/Sales Development)
* Sales Process Design

* Founder-led Sales to Repeatable Sales
* SaaS Sales
* Enterprise Sales
* Deal Strategy & Negotiation
* Sales And BDR Playbooks
* Sales And BDR Performance Assessments

Learn More About The BDR & Sales Practice Area

My most unique experience comes from running my B2B lead generation company for over 11 years. During that time, I helped craft GTM messaging and top funnel strategy for 350 different companies. I was able to hone my skills in understanding complex messages, GTM motions, and specialized Ideal Customer Profiles and Personas. This expertise enables me to make a quick impact for my customers. I absorb and understand their message quicker than most and work on deliverables that make a difference in their sales and BDR progress. My north star metric with startups and scale-ups is unweighted pipeline coverage. This is an essential focus for the entire revenue continuum.

Business Impact & Contributions:

* 900K to $6.5M in ARR in 2 years
* Increased average contract length by 2X
* Closed largest deals in company history with best contract terms
* AEs hitting ramp objectives around pipeline contribution
* 62% increase in pipeline contribution Q/Q
* 300% gain in BDR performance
* 2X gain in BDR pipeline contribution
* Full revenue organization builds
* Ramped over 150 BDRS who secured first qualified appointment in first 10 days of employment
* 90% of hired and ramped BDRS hit quota in their first 90 days
* BDR sequences generating $7K in pipeline per enrolled contact

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